A Brief History of Ancient Astrology

A Brief History of Ancient Astrology

Brief Histories of the Ancient World

This new series offers concise, accessible, and lively accounts of central aspects of the ancient world. Each book is written by an acknowledged expert in the field and provides a compelling overview, for readers new to the subject and specialists alike.

A Brief History of Ancient Astrology
Roger Beck

A Brief History of the Olympic Games
David C. Young

In Preparation
A Brief History of Ancient Greek
Stephen Colvin

A Brief History of Roman Law
Jill Harries

  1. Introduction. What Was Astrology in Ancient Greece and Rome? 1
  2. Origins and Types of Astrology. The Transfer of Astrology from Babylon. The Pseudo-History of Astrology: ‘‘Alien Wisdom’’ 9
  3. The Aspects and the ‘‘Places’’ 38
  4. The Zodiac and its Signs 50
  5. The Product: How to Construct a Simple Horoscope, Ancient Style 20
  6. Structure and Meaning in the Horoscope,
  7. Structure and Meaning in the Horoscope,
  8. Structure and Meaning in the Horoscope,
  9. Horoscopes and Their Interpretation 91
  10. A Matter of Life and Death: ‘‘Starters,’’ ‘‘Destroyers,’’ and ‘‘Length of Life.’’ Some Sociopolitical Implications of Astrology 119
  11. Conclusion: Why Bother with Ancient Astrology in the Twenty-First Century?
  12. The circle of the zodiac and the aspects 21
  13. The four ‘‘centers’’ 29
  14. Oscillation of midheaven and lower midheaven 32
  15. The astronomical elements of horoscope N&VH no. –3 36
  16. The circle of the twelve places 43
  17. The ecliptic, the signs of the zodiac, and the celestial equator 51
  18. The horoscope of Ceionius Rifius Albinus 96
  19. The horoscope of Islam (N&VH no. L621) 112
  20. A horoscope of January 21, 72 bce (N&VH no. L–71) 122
  21. The horoscope of the emperor Hadrian (N&VH no. L76) 124


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