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Cat's Eye/Tiger Eye (Lahasunya)

Tiger Eye Quartz is used in cabochons and beads where it's lovely tiger-like quality comes out best. Generally, you will not find faceted tiger eye..

Rs 800/-

Chinese Astrology Exploring The Eastern Zodiac

Chinese Astrology Exploring the Eastern Zodiac By Shelly Wu   He who knows others is learned, he who knows himself is wise. ..

Rs 5/-

Coral (Moonga)

Red Coral (Moonga) It is said that Red Coral instills courage in its user. It also helps in curing blood related diseases. This is normally red i..

Rs 1,900/-

Zodiac Personalities

Signs of the Zodiac Fire (¡) Water (y) Air (¤) Earth (±) The Planets: We look at ten Planets in the study of Astrology, beginning with the ..

Rs 6/-