AnimalPak - Training System Complete

AnimalPak - Training System Complete


You've been searching for the truth about training... Well look no further brothers. It's all right here. No bullshit, no hype--just the straight facts. So let's rock 'n roll. The plates are waiting.

Vol.1 Animal Arms

The first video from The long awaited first installment of the Animal Training Series, "Animal Arms", is finally here. Featuring none other than Wrath from "The Journey", "Animal Arms" gives you a unique glimpse into Wrath's world. It's raw, uncensored and ugly... Follow Wrath as he goes through his actual workout, blasting his guns. Find out what he does, how he trains, and what it takes to get the job done. It's time to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. If ya need insights or you need a ~censored~ dose of motivation, you've come to the right place

Vol.2 Animal Chest

Volume 2 of the Animal Training Series follows Wrath as he tears through a draining chest routine. Pack on the pies and prepare for the pain... This is what Animal is all about. Inclines, flat bench, flyes and crossovers, Wrath does 'em all. Motivating, educational and hardcore down to the last frame of celluloid, "Chest? follows the footsteps of its ?Arms? predecessor and sets itself apart from every other bodybuilding training video ever made

Vol.3 Animal Delts

Volume 3 of the Animal Training Series again follows Wrath, this time obliterating his delts. With military presses, shrugs and lateral raises in every direction, Wrath grants no mercy to a single muscle fiber in his shoulders. As inspiring and raw as ever, in ?Delts? Wrath puts it all on the line to show you what it takes to truly be an Animal

Vol.4 Animal Back

Volume 4 of the Animal Training Series finds Wrath blasting back. From pullups to pulldowns, from heavy rows to deads, Wrath overlooks nothing on his quest to build the back of a champion. Strap in and cinch your belt tight, cuz it?s gonna get ugly

Vol.5 Animal Legs

Volume 5, the final installment of the current Animal Training Series of DVDs, features Wrath blasting legs. Follow Wrath as he destroys quads, hams and calves and battles the mountains of unforgiving iron bent on his demise

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