Topaz is a beautiful light blue stone. It is much less expensive than aquamarine. It looks beautiful in rings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants.

General Information

Topaz is one of the most widely used gems to help achieve better financial status. It is also believed that if there are obstructions in finding a suitable match for a girl, she gets married by wearing Topaz. This is normally yellow in color. It improves vision, gives life security, protects one from poverty, removes adversity, misfortune and melancholy.



Used with Metal

Std. Weight

Starting Price


Index finger


6.25 Carats

USD $60

Topaz comes in many colours such as blue, yellow, pink, brown, green and clear. Orange-red "Imperial" topaz is rare.

As with all gems, protect topaz from scratches and sharp blows. Also avoid large temperature changes (such as leaving it be a heater vent or in a hot car). Do not clean topaz in a home ultrasonic cleaner. The best way to clean topaz is warm soapy water.

Clear topaz is commonly irradiated and heat treated to become other colours such as blue. Yellow and brown topaz is often heat treated to become pink topaz. Natural pink topaz is rare.

Other names may be designated to certain types of topaz:

  •  - used to distinguish topaz from cheaper fakes, such as citrine
  •  - lustrous orange-yellow to orange-brown variety of topaz
  •  - colourless topaz
  •  - orange-brown topaz
  •  - deep blue topaz (the deepest blue form of topaz)
  •  - deep blue topaz (not as deep blue as London blue topaz)
  •  - sea-green topaz
  •  - False name given to aquamarine
  •  - False name given to aquamarine
  •  - False name given to pink topaz
  • - False name given to blue topaz (as well as blue tourmaline)
 Where Topaz is found
Topaz is found in Africa, Australia, Brazil, China, Japan, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Russia, and USA (Colorado, Maine and Utah).
  • November: Modern Birthstone [Yellow Topaz]
  • December: Modern Birthstone [Blue Topaz]
  • Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21): Birthstone

Anniversary Gemstone for Topaz

Topaz is the anniversary gemstone for the 4th and 19th year of marriage. Imperial topaz is the anniversary gemstone for the 23rd year of marriage.  

Topaz Mystical Properties

Topaz is called the "stone of the sun", and allows one to focus their wishes and dreams into it, while it's many facets reflect, and powerfully beam them out to the universe for fulfillment. It is said to attracts love and prosperity, as well as communication from other realms. 

More Topaz Lore

The name "topaz" is thought to be derived from the Sanskrit word tapas meaning fire. However, more likely, it probably derived its name from the Island of Topazos, in the Red Sea.

In ancient times, a figure of a falcon was carved on a Topaz was thought to help acquire the goodwill of kings, princes and magnates.

The Greeks felt Topaz gave them strength.

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