WD-Fixo SRA Adhesive

WD-Fixo SRA Adhesive
WD-Fixo is synthetic resin adhesive in the form of milky white viscous past and is ready to use

WD-Fixo gives very strong bond. The bond is so strong that if two wooden pieces are joined with WD-Fixo and hammer is hit heavily, the wood will give way but not the WD-Fixo bond.


  • Unsurpassed bonding strength
  • Economical in long run
  • Resistant to water and heat
  • Gives higher coverage


  • For bonding wood, plywood, laminates, veneers, particle board, block board / hard board. MDF to each other.
  • Pencil mg, sports goods, paper labeling, paper tube, wall paper, carpet mfg
  • Also recommended for bonding any two materials where at least once of them is porous e.g paper, cardboard, particle board etc. Others related applications

How to Apply

WD-Fixo can be applied with brush, roller, spreader or fingers. The useal procedure to be followed is:

  • Clean both the surface to be bonded
  • Apply a thin coat of WD-Fixo on both or one surface (as per requirements).
  • Press the two surface together and keep under pressure till the adhesive dries completely Excess a adhesive press outside the joins should be the wiped out with a wet cloth

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